Funnel Images

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These images were originally created for
The May 2011 Pixmac Design Challenge

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Funnel Clouds


Funnel Clouds 2


When God Screams

From: Siggi (Wed May 11 10:43:04 2011)
wonder whta he is telling her about that tiled funnel effect??? was it balckand white originally??? nice effect!!

From: Barbara Garber (thebags) (Wed May 11 11:24:07 2011)
Thanks Siggi and yes it was orginally a black and white image.

From: Joe E (popeslattz) (Wed May 11 23:00:48 2011)
Great effect, Barb. That must've taken quite a few clicks. It might be cool if saturn is stretched or distorted as it's pulled in to the void. I know what the guy's saying, "This reminds me of when we took acid back in the 70's".

From: Barbara Garber (thebags) (Thu May 12 06:25:21 2011)
I lost count of the clicks Joe ... I was just having fun experimenting with the layers and effects adding more and removing others and shuffling them around until I came up with what you see here. That's why I'm not exactly sure how many of the provided images are in there ... but I know there are definitely more than two.

From: Joe E (popeslattz) (Fri May 13 21:12:46 2011)
Cool experiment. I'd say it was a success.

From: kiwi2 (kiwi2) (Sat May 14 11:54:43 2011)
I really like this. The use of the images provided work well. Very impressive...

From: gunsan (gunsan) (Sun May 15 04:33:39 2011)
This is just a great idea, love it! I prefer this one to the other, don't know why, maybe just because the more calm feeling.

From: Barbara Garber (thebags) (Sun May 15 06:41:29 2011)
Thanks Kiwi & Gunsan ... My original idea was to have an angel emerging from the funnel (minus the telescope image) ... but I couldn't find an image of one that I liked. The girl in Gunsan's image would have been perfect..


From: Joe E (popeslattz) (Sat May 14 15:56:20 2011)
This one's really wild, Barb. Love the colors and the swirling vortex. I think they're both great. I probably like this one just a little more than the first one.

From: Barbara Garber (thebags) (Sat May 14 17:40:15 2011)
Thanks Joe ... this version is AT LEAST 15 to 20 clicks prior to the other one that I posted ... I told you there are a lot of layers that got turned off along the way ... but this is ONE of the points in the process that I liked it enough to save it before going on. ... I also added a bit of a twist.

From: ruthlessone_uk (ruthlessone_uk) (Sun May 15 13:00:05 2011)
I like this one more... I think it's much more vibrant and alive than the first.

From: Siggi (Sun May 15 13:13:19 2011)
becuase of the colour i seem to prefer this one as well...............the people with the telescope seemed to be on the wrong side of the vortex to see much......

From: Nancy Conley (beachbum) (Sat May 21 09:14:15 2011)
I'm in total agreemnet with Siggi's comment.













From: gunsan (gunsan) (Sat May 21 11:00:57 2011)
I like this one very much, but it is a pity you deleted the funnel images. The first one I liked a lot!

From: Barbara Garber (thebags) (Sat May 21 11:37:23 2011)
Thank you Gun ... I'm still debating that ... I could always delete "Under The Sea" and put one of those back ... they can't all stay ... we're only allowed 2 entries.

From: Joe E (popeslattz) (Sat May 21 12:19:57 2011)
This would make a great large print for over the sofa. I really liked the second funnel but this is cool too.

From: Siggi (Sat May 21 16:32:07 2011)
nice colours and i LOVE the liqified bits!!!

From: Barbara Garber (thebags) (Sat May 21 23:13:30 2011)
Thank you Joe and Siggi ... that look was achieved with twirl, pinch, radial blur, and several other filters and effects ... but NOT liquify ... and that's what I love about these challenges ... learning how others see what I have done.